Corporate Group

At "beauty experience" we continue to deliver constant "inspiration" to the market in our capacity as a Beauty Services Corporate Group, never forgetting our experiences since our start as a hair care manufacturer in Japan.
We develop professional enterprises which aim to manufacture and sell goods to be sold at hair salons (hair care products, styling gel, color treatments, and perm solution), premium retail enterprises which aim to sell retail enterprises selling and manufacturing goods for the open market, as well as cosmetic OEM enterprises which aim to plan and develop cosmetics, and foreign enterprises centring on Asia which aim to sell products marketed for overseas locations like the USA and Europe.

PROFESSIONAL: For professionals
Bringing excitement to everyone involved in the salon

We have been offering high quality salon retail products to our customers under the theme of "beauty and health" ever since our conception as a company. As the core enterprise of the group, it is the role of PROFESSIONAL enterprises to carry out planning and manufacture of professional products for salons both in Japan and overseas. We have developed a process called SIM (Salon Interactive Marketing), which jointly develops salons and products, as PROFESSIONAL enterprise's key product development process.
We form teams with top salons and work together to build up products from the planning stage, to make products that have edgy concepts and clear targets. By working together in teams we are better able to make products that are faithful to the needs of our salon customers. It's precisely because our products are high quality and made by professionals that SIM brand products are supported by customers all over Japan. Our highly stylish packages, worked on by popular creators, are loved by retail outlets, who say their stores fill up just by displaying MoltoBene products.

Main Products

Beyond just product planning and sales
Professional support to help your salon succeed

At MoltoBene Ltd. we don't just develop products. We also put our energy into providing administrative support to the salons, helping them achieve success.
Our "Field Marketers", or sales representatives, collaborate with agencies, and make every effort to listen directly to salon requests and concerns. We are committed to the SIP (Success Interactive Promotion) problem-solving business style, so that we can build successful salons with agencies, salons, and MoltoBene working together as one.

Conventional structures
SIP system

Company Outline

MoltoBene Ltd.

As a manufacturer that makes and sells products for beauty salons both in Japan and overseas, we develop comprehensive enterprises from planning to sales of products including hair color, perm solution, hair care gels, and styling gels, that allow salons realize their full range of professional skills.

MoltoBene Ltd. Company Website

Delivering higher quality products to households
Bringing the technology of salon products to home use brands

Since establishment right up until the present, we have always strived to improve the quality of our salon hair care products. Bene Cosmetics, Inc.offers a hair care product brand with quality equalling products used by professionals. Using formulations and technical skills cultivated during planning and developing products for professional use since our establishment, you can now also expect salon-grade hair care in the home.

Bene Premium Bluria- formed in 2012, this product is a hot topic. A product that can simultaneously realize scalp and hair care, we researched and developed Bluria employing technology developed in our capacity as manufacturers for professionals, performing scientific analysis of the structure of damaged hair. The shampoo and treatment have a non-silicone formulation, and bring out the intrinsic beauty of your hair by letting the natural ingredients work beyond the surface. One ingredient is Ghassoul, a clay produced only in Morocco, which has been used throughout the ages for skin care and beauty salon treatments. It is gaining attention amongst consumers with a developed sense of aesthetics and also within the beauty industry for removing impurities from your scalp, and is blended with blue herbs for freshness, which will prepare an optimal scalp environment.

A new hybrid hair care Applino went on sale in 2014, born of the complementing powers of the life energy of organic fruit, and hair technology from 40 years of salon manufacturing.
This product adopts a 100% fruit organic formulation from fresh fruit, and has rigid quality standards. This product has overcome functionality problems that cause dissatisfaction with conventional organic hair care products, and customers will be convinced by the how the results feel. We create a "new organic life".

A new hybrid hair care Applino, born from the fusion of the life energy of organic fruit, and hair technologies from salon manufacturing.

Main Products

Survey of user needs in the market
Linking customer comments with the product creation

Over many years we have been building up research through various methods to get to know market needs. Through this research, we can see that consumer concerns about hair being dry, unmanageable, and easily damaged, are a constant factor. We are pushing forwards with research and development every day in order to make products that not only solve these problems, but also have a higher level of quality. We aim to create formulations appealing to all senses for increased customer satisfaction, for example through excellent volume and hold in our creamy lather, a usage experience with minimal friction or stickiness, or delicious smells. Recently, more and more customers are concious of where the base ingredients of hair care products come from. The base ingredients of Bene Cosmetics products have been chosen especially for their production region and their quality, and include Damask rose from Bulgaria, seaweed extract from France, herbs from various countries in Europe, and camellia oil and ocean collagen from Japan.

You can find information about production regions on the label. Packages with a refined design for the customer to enjoy is something else we are particular about.
While we allow customers to experience a sense of safety and luxury appropriate for a product that they use every day, we also listen sincerely to the comments and requests from customers in the market, giving back products that will be loved by all.

Company Outline

Bene Cosmetics, Inc.

Bene Cosmetics, Inc. brings high quality home use hair care products for beautiful and healthy hair to the open market. We are constantly making products that correspond to the needs of the times and the latest trends and renewing our prices in the highly competitive open market.

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Concept from Japan
Products you can trust & Japanese technology- to the world

In order to be able to meet the needs of a new global era, Beauty Essence has expanded to 10 locations in a single swoop over the past 10 years. Presently, we have established the center of our overseas headquarters at our Hong Kong headquarters, and have established local subsidiaries in 3 locations: Vietnam, Taiwan, and Shanghai. We have also developed enterprises in the capacity of overseas agencies in 6 regions: China, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, the USA, and Russia. We have received extremely high praise for both the quality and safety of our products not just for our professional use products in salons, but also for our home use products for the general consumer.
Even the products that we sell here in Japan that demonstrate proven "beauty experience" technology are highly trusted by overseas clients, and you can expect us to continue our development from this point on.
We don't just break new ground in the product market. We also place a great deal of importance on communicating with salon owners in order to better understand the needs of local customers, and aim to improve local service while directly absorbing knowledge about the needs of the customer. In order to achieve this we are are proactively holding value added services like professional development for local staff.

"beauty experience" aims to continue to communicate Japanese beauty culture to the rest of the world while further increasing the level of awareness of our products, centering on our overseas headquarters in Hong Kong, together with our local subsidiaries and overseas agencies, in both the professional user and the home use markets.

Expanding business overseas, a huge chance for Japanese salons
Overseas expansion is the key to Japanese manufacturer success

In recent years, there have been more and more salons interested in expanding their business overseas. However, while overseas expansion represents a new business chance for Japanese salons, many salons experience anxiety about building relationships with local agencies, or getting local customers.
We think it is important to understand first of all how much Japanese manufacturers are able to build their foundations overseas in order to dispel those anxieties and enable domestic Japanese salons to succeed overseas.
In order to achieve this, at "beauty experience" we do not just increase product awareness locally, we also conduct market expansion activities for Japanese beauty products overseas, as well as share business know-how about purchasing stock locally and communication methods with salons interested in expanding overseas, and more than that we also conduct tours of local salons as in-depth research in cooperation with our Hong Kong headquarters and our local subsidiaries in Vietnam, and Taiwan.
Our efforts in overseas projects will lead to increased demand for Japanese brands in local markets, as well as create an environment in which Japanese salon owners can aim to expand overseas with greater ease of mind.