beauty experience signs exclusive distribution contract with Israeli clean beauty brand "Lavido"


beauty experience Inc. (Headquarters: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Toshihiro Fukui) announced that the clean beauty brand "Lavido" from Israel, which develops organic skin care and body care, has signed an exclusive sales contract on January 11, 2021. The product will be released in Japan based on this contract this summer.


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In the medium-term management plan from 2021 to 2023, beauty experience has hold a management concept of "continuing to take on challenges without relaying on common sense of the beauty industry, and raize cute innovation to the world." From September 2020, we will shift to "fabless management" that does not have our own factory, and in addition to manufacturing and selling our own products, we will also challenge to find products and brands that match our management philosophy from all over the world and provide them domestically and internationally.

Ido Magal who is the founder of Lavido and botanical chemist started his business by developing cosmetics for curing his nephew's diaper rash. About beauty experience Inc., the first president, Yasushi Fukui, developed a product for salons to make the damaged women's hair by perms beautiful and healthy. The coincidence of their original founding passion, the sympathy for customer first manufacturing, and sustainable efforts and passion for plants such as the formulation development process based on carefully selected plant-derived ingredients and phytochemistry were mached our idea of ​​"providing the earth and people friendly products." From this, we are confident that Lavido is a brand that can embody the mission of beauty experience, "Experience new beauty in life."

Through the challenge of a new category of skin care in partnership with Lavido, we will continue to push forward toward the realization of our mission.

"Lavido" brand profile

Lavido is an Israeli clean beauty brand launched in 2003 by botanical chemist Ido Magal. Born from the beautiful, lush Galilee Valley, a secluded, pristine land of Israel known for its agriculture and green technology. The brand is a plant-derived formula that uses carefully selected organic ingredients, and is made with all our heart, focusing on ingredients such as vegan-friendly and gluten-free. We specialize in skin care and body care that utilize the effects of herbs, and develop a wide range of items. It is loved and supported all over the world, including Israel, the home country, the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, and Taiwan. (USA brand site: )

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About beauty experience

beauty experience Inc. is a 46-year-old hair care manufacturer known for its hair cosmetics brand "Loretta" and nuanced hair color brand "THROW". In April 2015, we changed the company name from MoltoBene Inc. to beauty experience Inc., based on the new philosophy of "beauty experience-a new beauty experience in life." Since our founding, we have been manufacturing and selling exclusive products for beauty salons and products for the general market with the aim of providing products that are close to hair stylists and customers. In addition, we are developing overseas businesses centered on Asia and spreading Japanese beauty culture to the world.

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