b-ex signs on partnership with Would Climate Foundation

April 28, 2023

b-ex Inc. (headquartered in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, under President and CEO Toshihiro Fukui), is a company with 48 years of history which main business is the manufacture and sale of professional products for beauty salons and consumer channels, signed on partnership with World Climate Foundation (WCF, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, under Chairman Jens Nielsen) in April 2023. This partnership focuses on sharing the knowledge of world climate and b-ex will participate in the “World Biodiversity Summit” to be held in New York, USA in September, and the” World Climate Summit” to be held in Dubai, UAE in December, to enhance cooperation with companies and organizations working on climate change issues in various countries, and further promote efforts towards a decarbonized society. b-ex is the first-ever partner WCF among the whole Japanese beauty industry. b-ex set SDGs as one of its management pillars and created the long-term vision of becoming “Asia's No.1 Professional & Clean Beauty* Company Group” Through the partnership with WCF, b-ex will continue to lead the beauty industry towards the realization of a zero-carbon society, starting with hair salons. *Clean beauty: Beauty products developed with consideration for people and the environment

b-ex SDGs:https://www.b-ex.inc/en/company/sdgs/

■Toshihiro Fukui, b-ex CEO
Last year, at the official event "World Climate Summit (WCS)" held during COP27 in Egypt, I participated in intense discussions on climate change among companies from various countries. Compared to the companies from the U.S. and Europe that participated, Japan’s beauty industry would be a nearly decade behind. Our team and I believe achieving carbon neutrality cannot be accomplished only through the efforts of energy-related companies and large corporations. I realized that if small and medium-sized enterprises like us get together to share ideas and take action, it will eventually become a great power. Through the partnership with WCF, b-ex accelerates decarbonization efforts together with hair salons, aiming to be the leading company in the beauty industry as " Asia's No.1 Professional & Clean Beauty* Company Group ". Furthermore, by showcasing our business activities to reduce environmental impact to the world at the "World Biodiversity Summit" and "World Climate Summit" to be held this year, we aim to be a catalyst for reviewing the entire supply chain and promoting awareness in Japanese society, and fostering a responsible green mindedness toward sustainability working with WCF.

■Jens Nielsen, CEO , World Climate Foundation
The World Climate Foundation is dedicated to connecting all sectors to accelerate the transition of our global economy towards a sustainable future. We are proud to be partnering

with b-ex, a leader in promoting beauty products developed with consideration for people and the environment, transforming the beauty industry in Japan and beyond.

■George Hu, Regional Representative, Asia, World Climate Foundation
World Climate Foundation is delighted to have partnered with b-ex in our strategic roadmap to COP28 in 2023. We believe that b-ex, being in the beauty industry for over 48 years, is a key driver enabling positive transition to a low-carbon economy beyond Japan. It was a great pleasure to meet with CEO Toshihiro Fukui in Sharm el-Sheikh at COP27. It is especially exciting to learn b-ex’s various SDGs engagements, truly amazing action plans for people, planet and prosperity. The world needs the passion, commitment, and ambition like yours. We hope to continue our ongoing collaboration and partnership with b-ex in the years ahead to accelerate the transition towards a net-zero future. And we really look forward to b-ex active engagement for the World Biodiversity Summit alongside UNGA 78 and Climate Week NYC, and the largest ever COP in Dubai.

Right: Toshihiro Fukui of b-ex
Left: George Hu, Asia Regional Representative at WCF

Jens Nielsen, CEO at WCF

Company Overview
b-ex Inc. is a beauty company with 48 years of history which main business is manufacture and sale of professional products for beauty salons and consumer channel, known for Loretta and THROW.

In 2015, based on the corporate mission of " Discover new experiences of beauty in your life," which is designed by the creative director Kashiwa Sato , the company changed its name from “MoltoBene” to “beauty experience Inc.” and to the abbreviated form “b-ex Inc.” since 2021.
We aim to be the “No. 1 Professional and Clean Beauty* Company” in Asia. Through promoting SDGs as one of the pillars of product supply and business management that empathizes with hairstylists and customers.

The company formed a capital business partnership with O'right Inc., a zero-carbon beauty brand in the Republic of China (Taiwan), and is the sole distributor in Japan of Clean Beauty skin care products Lavido, from Israel.

By introducing SDGs commitment and provoking the Green Revolution, b-ex is transforming the salon industry in Japan to realizing a sustainable society.

*Clean beauty: Beauty products developed with consideration for people and the environment

Name: b-ex Inc.
CEO: Toshihiro Fukui
Head office: Setagaya Business Square Hills 4, 1st floor, 4-10-5 Yoga, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158-0097, Japan
Incorporated: October 1975
Capital: 133.33 million yen
Number of employees: 140 (as of December 2022)
Nature of business: Production and sale of cosmetics and quasi-pharmaceutical products; import and export of cosmetics and quasi-pharmaceutical products
Website: https://www.b-ex.inc/
[Customer inquiries] Tel: +81-03 (6757) 7767

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