As a hair care manufacturer from Japan, b-ex's mission is to provide customers with a "new experience of beauty". We have professional channel that handles exclusive products for hair salons (hair care, styling, hair color, and perming agents), and consumer channel that handles products for the retail market. We also expand our business overseas, mainly in Asian markets.
Since our establishment in 1975, we have been providing products exclusively for hair salons under the concept of "beauty and health". In the professional channel, we provide hair care, styling, hair color, and perm products to salons in Japan and overseas as our core business. The core of our product development is "SIM (Salon Interactive Marketing)", where we co-develop products with salons. By forming project teams with top salons, we work together from the planning stage to create products with an edgy concept and clear targets. By working as a team, we are able to more accurately translate salon customers' opinions into products. Because the products are of high quality made by PROFESSIONAL, SIM brand products have gained a lot of attention from salons across the country. In addition, the well-designed packaging created by the latest creators has been well received by salons, who say that simply displaying b-ex products brings more energy to their salons.


Main products for professional channel


Transferring salon product technology to home-use brands to delivery higher quality products to your home

Since our founding, we have always strived to improve the quality of our products. We entered the retail market in 1987, taking advantage of the formulas and technologies we had developed while developing hair care products for salons. In the consumer channel, we aim to create products that will make more customers become fans. In addition to the technical capabilities we have cultivated as a manufacturer of products exclusively for salons, we develop products that are clearly differentiated from competing products by repeatedly conducting consumer surveys and directly listening to the voices of our customers, from concept to fragrance to package design. The products developed in this way are sold at drugstores and variety stores nationwide, and have been well received by customers as a "premium" hair care brand with a unique branding and the ability to experience the quality originating from salon-exclusive products. By strengthening communication with users through digital tools such as Twitter and Instagram, we are working to grow into a brand that will be loved for longer than ever before.  


Main products for consumer channel