philosophy - our aims

Our symbol is styled from ‘美’,
the character for beauty.
Embodying our desires;
Renewing beauty.
A word from our creative director Kashiwa Sato

With our 40th anniversary approaching, we are seeking to make rapid strides to the next stage. The symbol of “beauty experience” is designed with the Japanese character for “beauty” (美) as a motif, and expresses our desire to bring Japan, Asia and the world an exciting beauty experience like nothing before, based on the delicate esthetic unique to Japan and quality our customers can count on.

With a unique style and speedy creativity, “beauty experience” has developed an extensive variety of original products with international appeal and released them under various brands with various concepts.Each of these products was born from a strong desire to bring you new beauty insights and exciting new beauty experiences, and this same desire will inspire the products we bring you in future.

Like our use of the Japanese character for “beauty”, our corporate color, purple, symbolizes Japan’s delicate spirit of beauty.It also represents the way we think outside the box to come up with original ideas.

Kashiwa Sato

Kashiwa Sato

Brand Statement

A new experience of beauty. This is what we create. Our products, our services; Everything a medium for new experiences. It’s our job to design customer surprise and joy. Mixing technology and information with the emotion that flows ahead. Creating a new type of business. Invigorating the 5 senses in a beautiful way; We enrich the emotional life of all people. Discover new experiences of beauty in your life. beauty experience

Philosophy of Beauty
― 3 Philosophies ―

Beauty=Health It was 1975 when we were established as a business. The perm craze was spreading all over Japan, and many women were complaining of damaged hair. There were also a lot of beauty therapists dealing with rough hands due to perm solution. “I expect real beauty to be… something healthier” This is what our founder, Akira Fukui thought. He developed never-before-seen hair products one after the other, that were kind to hair and hands. Under the slogan ‘Hair. More beautiful, healthier.’ He brought about major progression in the hair industry. Beauty is Healthy. This philosophy continues to be passed down through the generations. Beauty=Voice In 2001, the newly appointed current CEO Toshihoro Fukui initiated a revolution so big, it could be called our second birth. This revolution was product development that utilized the ‘raw voice’ of the end users and salons. This sparked the creation of ‘SIM’- Salon Interactive Marketing. Through joint development with salons, we are now able to turn customer comments into products. Beauty is Interactive. Beauty for the customer, made with the customer. That’s what we do. Beauty=Experience And now, 2015. On the occasion of our 40th anniversary, we are taking things to the next level. We are going beyond hair, to every aspect of beauty. We are widening our horizons, and changing beauty into an exciting experience. Beauty is Experience. As beauty experience, as design, and as a company. Designing surprise, designing joy. We have plenty of new developments in store for you, so expect the amazing.

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