b-ex SDGs

b-ex SDGs SDGs Declaration
Based on our mission of “Discover new experiences of beauty in your life,
We aim to realize a sustainable society and increase our corporate value
by addressing various issues facing the world and solving them
through business activities with our business partners.

Message from CEO

b-ex Inc. has been delivering new beauty experiences to customers through our products.

Today, the world faces a variety of social problems such as climate change, decline of energy resources, poverty and gender inequality.

If we leave things unchanged, one day we may not be able to fulfill our mission of “discovering new experiences of beauty in life.”

As we felt a strong sense of urgency about this situation, we determined that we will face these social problems and challenge ourselves to provide solutions through our company initiatives.
We will position the SDGs as one of the pillars of our business and strive to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.
We look forward to your continuous support of b-ex.

Toshihiro Fukui, CEO
Toshihiro Fukui, CEO

The Four be's of b-ex

Four be's (our vision, be = 美 beauty) represent what we value towards the future vision of b-ex.
be kind
be borderless
be healthy
be smart

Materiality (Key Challenges) and Goals

To achieve our Four be's (our vision, be = 美 beauty),we developed 12 themes of
key issues to be addressed, and set performance targets for each issue.

Materiality (Key Challenges) and Goals

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