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Personal Information Protection Policy

With regard to personal information of customers, business associates, etc. used in its work, the Company will establish voluntary rules and systems in compliance with laws, regulations, and other norms concerning the protection of personal information, and will strive for the protection of personal information, as follows.

  • The Company has established Personal Information Management Regulations. The Company makes these regulations known to its employees (including general officers and employees, part-time workers, and dispatched workers) and other concerned parties, and will improve and maintain these regulations.
  • The Company will enact appropriate information security measures, including anti-virus measures and measures against unauthorized access to prevent loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of personal information.
  • The Company will obtain personal information through legal and just means, and will not obtain information through wrongful means. The Company will obtain consent from the individuals who are the subjects of the personal information concerning the purpose of use, etc. of the information, or will provide notification of necessary matters on its Internet website.
  • When obtaining personal information indirectly, the Company will confirm whether the personal information to be obtained was properly obtained by the provider from the individuals in question, and will provide notification of purpose of use of the personal information and other necessary matters on its Internet website.
  • The Company affirms that the subjects of the information (the individuals who are the subjects of the personal information) hold the right to disclose, correct, suspend the use of, delete, etc. of said individuals' own personal information. The Company will unreservedly respond to requests for these from the subjects of the information.
  • When sharing personal information with a third party or when entrusting personal information to a third party for the purpose of outsourcing work, the Company will investigate said third party and will conclude necessary agreements and enact other legally necessary measures.
  • The Company will establish the following principles for the specific collection and handling of personal information.
  • Principles for the use of personal information

    The Company will use personal information only within the scope of the purpose of collection and only by persons who have been granted authorization for specific work, to the extent necessary for the performance of work.

    Prohibited matters

    ・The provision of personal information to a third party is prohibited in principle.
    ・The Company will not use personal information other than for the intended purpose, take personal information outside of the normal location of use, transmit personal information outside the Company, etc.
    ・The employees of the Company will not inform third parties of the content of personal information obtained in the course of business without due cause, or use the information for wrongful purposes. The same will apply even after employees retire from positions related to the work, and employees will enact necessary measures.
    ・The Company will not collect, use, or provide specific sensitive personal information.

Toshihiro Fukui
CEO, b-ex Inc.

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