~ branding project with Kashiwa Sato ~ from "beauty experience" to "b-ex"  Updating CI by iconizing company name which accelerate communication speed


beauty experience Inc. (Headquarters: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Toshihiro Fukui) changes the company name to "b-ex Inc." from March 29, 2021. 


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On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of our founding in 2015, we started a branding project with the creative director Kashiwa Sato. With the introduction of CI (corporate identity), the company name and logo have been changed to "beauty experience," which directly expresses the mission of "Experience new beauty in life." We have developed consistent branding, such as embodying CI at our studios.

This time, as part of the branding project, we will change the new company name to "b-ex", which is already widely used inside and outside the company as an abbreviation for "beauty experience". The purpose is to update the CI and accelerate communication speed inside and outside the company by iconifying the company name without changing the mission slogan. We consider the company name and logo as an important communication media and change them according to the times to improve visibility and brand value.

b-ex will continue to take on challenges beyond the common sense of beauty industry and spread "beauty" innovation for the world to become the No. 1 beauty company in Asia opening new doors.

Company name change

■ New company name: b-ex Inc.
■ Change date: March 29, 2021


Comment from Kashiwa Sato

I was very excited because it was my first experience to update the CI with the company name. This iconization of the company name is the image that you open "b-ex", "beauty experience" will appear. Changing the company name according to the times is the way of communication after-Internet era. I feel that using the company name as a medium for communication is a new way of SNS era, the latest branding. Including this case, b-ex is really fast in evolution, and it is a completely different company from the one I first visited six years ago. I hope that b-ex will continue to evolve with high speed.

Kashiwa Sato
Creative Director. Representative of creative studio "SAMURAI". He is involved in global brand strategies and total production for various companies. He continues to express the atmosphere of the era in the form of design.

Comment from Toshihiro Fukui

I thought communication speed will be further increased by updating the company name using the abbreviation because the old company name "beauty experience" has been often said too long, and "b-ex" has spread both inside and outside the company. This communication has not only physical implications through conversation, but also psychological implications such as brand penetration. We hope that you will be able to remember our company more easily and feel closer by making the company name an icon. In addition to changing the company name, we will update the company with a flexible management stance according to the trends and circumstances of the era, such as shifting to fabless management, alliances with overseas companies, personnel system reforms, promotion of new normal work styles. In the future, we plan to continue strengthening DX and inner branding, and working on SDGs as a whole company. Not only the communication, we will also continue to accelerate the new challenge and provide new beauty experience for eveyone.

About b-ex

b-ex Inc. is a hair care manufacturer that has been in business for 46 years and is known for its hair cosmetics brand "Loretta" and hair color brand "THROW". In March 2021, we renewed the abbreviation of "beauty experience" to "b-ex" and updated the CI by making the company name an icon. Since our founding, we have been manufacturing and selling exclusive products for beauty salons and products for the general market with the mission of "discover new experiences of beauty in your life" with the aim of providing products that are close to hair stylists and customers. In addition, we are developing overseas businesses centered on Asia and spreading Japanese beauty culture to the world. ( https://www.b-ex.inc )

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