High-spec bleach pursuing high bleaching power and good usability is launched! "B bleach (bee bleach)" 2021.10.27 New release


b-ex Inc. (Headquarters: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Toshihiro Fukui) will launch a new professional-grade bleach product, "b Bleach (bī Bleach)," which boasts high bleaching power and excellent usability, in beauty salons nationwide starting Wednesday, October 27, 2021.




―――――――― Market background  ――――――――

In the hair color market in recent years, high-tone and transparent bleach-on colors * 1 such as vivid color, two-tone color, silver color and sheer color have gained popularity, and in response to this trend, the bleach market is also growing significantly with the expansion of hair color market. In the background, as the number of consumers who want to express their individuality and self-expression with hair color increases, the needs for hair color mainly among young generations has been expanding, such as sticking to the design, brightness and tint color.

―――――――― Development aim  ――――――――

"b bleach" pursues the essence of bleaching, "high bleaching power" and "good usability", and even virgin hair, we can achieve tone up to high brightness with one treatment in a short time. We have achieved the highest bleaching power in history, and we are particular about the ease of application according to a creamy texture with good sticking. In addition, the improvement of the bleaching power and usability contributes to save the treatment time that can improve the work efficiency of hair salon. This product is compatible with the hair color brands "THROW" and "tintbar" developed by b-ex, and you can enjoy various color designs by using in combination.

By introducing "b bleach", b-ex will expand the range of hair color expression more than ever and meet the diversified needs of end users.

* 1 Color recipe which add color after bleaching

b-ex which aims to grow through the development and sales of products that are truly needed considering environment and society under the customer-centric principle, and O'right which has established the environment-friendly supply chain and practiced activities to change the world for a better future has the same direction. Besides, through this capital and business alliance, we believe that we can accelerate the growth of sustainable society by mutually utilizing the strengths of both companies. In addition, through a capital tie-up with O'right, we will flexibly incorporate environmentally friendly sustainability initiatives and know-how, we will aim to further expand our business domain considering the expansion of product categories and sales channels. We expect that we will be able to grow together while creating synergies between the two companies, and deliver "new beauty experience" to many customers.

Product name / volume

product name volume
b bleach <Non-medicinal products> Decolorizing / hair bleaching agent 500g

Product features

1. The highest “bleaching power” in our history

A well-balanced ratio of persulfate and pH buffer achieves 10% higher bleaching power than our conventional products. Even virgin hair can be tone up to high brightness with one treatment in a short time. By gently decolorizing for 10 to 20 minutes after application, the formulation cause a little brightness difference between the start and end of application. In addition, it maintains pH that minimizes irritation to the hair, leading to a less damaged hair style.

2. High "usability" due to the special viscosity

Due to the blending balance of the guar gum component (viscosity adjuster) blended in the bleaching agent, the creamy and well blending texture that is easy to control the application will be realized according to the blending ratio with the two agents (oxy * 2) combined afterwards. * 2 Hydrogen peroxide solution

3. Speed by saving the treatment time

The treatment efficiency has been improved by saving the treatment time due to the texture with excellent usability and reducing the number of bleaching time and leaving time due to the high bleaching.

Product features / credit

Product features credit

b bleach <Non-medicinal products> Decolorizing / hair bleaching agent 500g [For professional use]

Non-dust type powder bleaching agent with excellent usability that enables speedy high bleach. With high bleaching power, even new hair can be led to high brightness in one shot.
・ Please read the precautions carefully and use the product correctly.
・ Do not use this product if you have had a rash by using a product containing persulfate.
・ This product contains persulfate and may cause an allergic reaction.

*The feature of bleach can be realized by the mixture with "THROW Oxy" from THROW, the effect would be different by using other two agents (Oxy).

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