b-ex forms a capital and business alliance with Taiwan carbon neutral green cosmetics manufacturer "O'right". Full-scale promotion of the green revolution from salons in Japan -from 2022 spring-


b-ex Inc. (Headquarters: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Toshihiro Fukui) and O'right Inc., a carbon-neutral green cosmetics manufacturer from Taiwan (Headquarters: Taoyuan, Taiwan, CEO: Steven Ko) has formed a capital and business alliance aiming for the sustanable society.


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Background of capital and business alliance

Since our founding in 1975, we have been developing customer-centered products with the desire to "eliminate the problems of hair damage caused by perms and the rough hands of hair stylists," and have been highly evaluated. We have continued to value the attitude of sticking to product development which are regarded as "really necessary" for customers and hair artists, considering the health of users. In recent years, we have been developing products that consider health, environment, and society, and are also focusing on the realization of a sustainable society. In addition to manufacturing and selling our own products, we have found products and brands that meet our management philosophy from all over the world. We are actively promoting the policy of providing them both domestically and internationally.

O'right, a capital and business alliance, is a Taiwan beauty manufacturer established in 2001. With the clear corporate mission of "green revolution" (changing the world for a better future), they are promoting the development of environment-friendly products. We are continuously and thoroughly conducting "green innovation" that leads to the "green revolution", such as launching a 100% biodegradable "Tree in the bottle" made from starch extracted from vegetables and fruits. O'right's efforts have been highly evaluated worldwide, and they participated in the APEC SME Ministers' Meeting on behalf of Taiwanese companies in 2011. At the 2014 Allied 2nd Carbon Footprint Conference, they announced their corporate philosophy to the world. In 2011, they announced the world's first zero-carbon shampoo under the certification of the National Standardization Organization-British BSI. Until now, they have won more than 100 awards around the world, and while promoting the "Green Revolution", they are a leader in environmental protection within the beauty industry, and their strength is the ability to develop products that utilize their unique materials.

b-ex which aims to grow through the development and sales of products that are truly needed considering environment and society under the customer-centric principle, and O'right which has established the environment-friendly supply chain and practiced activities to change the world for a better future has the same direction. Besides, through this capital and business alliance, we believe that we can accelerate the growth of sustainable society by mutually utilizing the strengths of both companies. In addition, through a capital tie-up with O'right, we will flexibly incorporate environmentally friendly sustainability initiatives and know-how, we will aim to further expand our business domain considering the expansion of product categories and sales channels. We expect that we will be able to grow together while creating synergies between the two companies, and deliver "new beauty experience" to many customers.

The details of the business alliance currently confirmed are as follows.

O'right products including hair care and skin care will be sold in Japan sequentially from b-ex. Full-scale expansion to beauty salons is scheduled for next spring. In addition to sales promotion and technical follow-up, we are promoting "green mind" education for hair artists by utilizing the relationship with the beauty salon, which is one of our strengths. As a pioneer of leading the "green revolution from salons" in Japan, we will aim to make many customers to understand the "green revolution" with the goal of connecting hair artists and customers with a "green bridge". This is the first time that O'right's professional products are imported into the Japanese market. In addition, we plan to hold further discussions and make decisions in the future for the development of products and brands that utilize the technologies and unique materials of both companies, and the mutual use of sales channels between Japan and Taiwan.

b-ex &

Details of capital tie-up

b-ex will acquire the shares of O'right and become a major shareholder.


b-ex CEO: Toshihiro Fukui

While exploring the major pillars of our business in various directions, we met O'right. b-ex which aims to grow through the development and sales of products that are truly needed by "people, environment and society," and O'right which has realized the philosophy of protecting human health and the earth, are in the same direction. We were fascinated by CEO Steven Ko's strong will to promote "Green Revolution", and the products that actualized his thought, and strongly wanted to spread O'right's products and "Green Revolution" in Japan. We plan to promote the realization of a sustainable society in earnest with the pillar of management. Taking advantage of our strong relationship with cosmetologists, we will lead the "green revolution" from salons in Japan with O'right as our best partner.


O'right CEO: Stven Ko

"Mission, Vision, Value" is the corporate philosophy of b-ex and O'right has the same values. We want to be a brand that improves people, society, and the earth, not just hair care and beauty manufacturers. Even during the Covid crisis, the motivation for the Green Revolution has not diminished. we are convinced that a strong partnership with b-ex will further accelerate the "green revolution" and have an impact on society. Together, Together Greener.



About b-ex

b-ex is a hair care manufacturer known for its hair cosmetics brand "Loretta" and nuanced hair color brand "THROW". Since its establishment in 1975, we have been manufacturing and selling exclusive products for beauty salons and products for the general market aiming to provide products that are close to beauticians and customers. In March 2021, the company name was changed from "beauty experience Inc." to "b-ex Inc." based on the new philosophy of "discover new experiences of beauty in your life". We will expand the field not only to hair but also to all areas of beauty and turn beauty into an exciting experience.



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