Announcement - b-ex CEO was appointed as a director of Taiwan carbon neutral green cosmetics manufacturer "O'right"


b-ex Inc. (Headquarters: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Toshihiro Fukui) and O'right Inc., a carbon-neutral green cosmetics manufacturer in Taiwan (Headquarters: Taoyuan, Taiwan, CEO: Steven Ko) has formed a capital and business alliance. Toshihiro Fukui, CEO of b-ex Inc. was appointed as the director of O'right on October 15.


b-ex &

Through a capital and business alliance, we will promote a further expansion of business domein considering the expantion of product categories and sales channels while flexibly incorporating efforts and know-how of environmentally friendly sustainability. First of all, we will sell O'right products including hair care and skin care in Japan from b-ex, develop products and brands that utilize the technologies and original materials of two companies, and use mutual sales channels between Japan and Taiwan. We plan to hold further discussions and make decisions. We expect to grow together while creating synergies between two companies and deliver "new beauty experience" for many customers.

About b-ex

b-ex is a hair care manufacturer known for its hair cosmetics brand "Loretta" and nuanced hair color brand "THROW". Since its establishment in 1975, we have been manufacturing and selling exclusive products for beauty salons and products for the general market aiming to provide products that are close to beauticians and customers. In March 2021, the company name was changed from "beauty experience Inc." to "b-ex Inc." based on the new philosophy of "discover new experiences of beauty in your life". We will expand the field not only to hair but also to all areas of beauty and turn beauty into an exciting experience.


About O'right

O'right is a Taiwanese beauty manufacturer founded in 2001. With the clear corporate mission of "green revolution" (changing the world for a better future), they are promoting the development of environment-friendly products. In 2011, O'right announced the world's first zero-carbon shampoo under the certification of the National Standardization Organization-British BSI. They have been highly acclaimed worldwide and won more than 100 awards around the world, leading the beauty industry in environmental protection.

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