“LORETTA AIMER”, has been awarded the prestigious "Topawards Asia" for outstanding package design

March 27, 2024

b-ex Inc. (headquartered in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, under CEO Toshihiro Fukui), which main business is the development and sale of professional products for beauty salons and consumer channels, is proud to announce that its hair cosmetics brand, "LORETTA AIMER," has been awarded the prestigious "Topawards Asia" for outstanding package design.

LORETTA AIMER was born as a hair cosmetics brand that supports the concept of "cherishing your own preferences, "finding your favorite self," and “love yourself more." 'The unique shape of the packaging and the powerful logo tell an intriguing story about 'freely' arranging hair," the judges of this award told to us. The design of the package aims to express various individual preferences by using different color schemes while embodying the image of a supportive and comforting companion. The silhouette evokes a human-like image, ensuring that no two items look the same, thus expressing the diversity of individuality. Keeping in mind that these items are used in daily life, the design was crafted to blend into the room as much as possible, focusing on simplicity.


Design Company: Underline Graphic Corporation
Creative Direction: Izumi Sakata
Art Direction: Kiyoshi Ishida
Design: Harumi Sasaki
Logo Design: Satomi Tsubota

LORETTA AIMER Brand Website: https://www.b-ex.inc/loretta-aimer/


【About Topawards Asia】
Topawards Asia is an invitation-only package design award exclusive to Asia, established in 2016. Unlike traditional entry-based awards, designers and creators from various Asian countries are invited to submit unique package designs, which are then judged by internationally renowned designers. The aim is to contribute to the creativity of future package designs, and the winning works are featured and promoted on the Topawards Asia website and social media platforms.

Website: https://www.topawardsasia.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/topawardsasia/

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